Testimonials from Homeowners & Neighbor Feedback

We spent months doing a careful evaluation of the other houses on the market and we
bought this home because the finishing details were by far better than any of the competition. 
We also love the flow of the house as it makes it very easy for raising our new baby; we can
always see our child while cooking or doing chores.  And the second floor lounge is perfect
for those late night wake-ups, allowing one of us to use this room to avoid disturbing anyone
else.  My father is also a builder and he completed an extensive inspection and Chuck
addressed all of the items to our satisfaction.

Ivan Harris & Casey Cohen (July 2018)
Winner of Custom Home Builder Award of Excellence 2018 Luxury Speculative Home

We live next door.  Chuck was so cooperative during construction, minimizing any inconvenience to us, and being sensitive to the neighborhood that we decided to sell him our property to build another house.

-Bethesda Neighbor

Chuck worked with us for over a year as we designed and built our beautiful new home.
Although we thought we knew exactly what we wanted, Chuck was able to make numerous
design suggestions we had not considered that worked beautifully. Even more important,
Chuck listened to us carefully so we got the floor plan and finish materials we desired.
This collaboration continued on the exterior where we overcame several challenges regarding
drainage and privacy. Chuck Sullivan Home’s team of subcontractors worked with us to realize
our dream for our family’s needs, creating a home ideal for entertaining large parties with a
natural flow from the inside to the exterior.

Ginger and Chris Oliver, Custom Clients (March 2018)
Winner of Custom Home Builder Award of Excellence 2018
Luxury Traditional Custom Home

Chuck Sullivan Homes worked hard to keep a safe and neat construction site and was done in six months. It happened so fast we were barely inconvenienced at all.


- Bethesda Neighbor



Among many things we like about your work, the fact that we could recognize your
uncompromising character in the house set it apart from the others. Thank you for the
beautiful house and see you soon.

David Cho March 2017
Winner of Custom Home Builder Award of Excellence 2017
Luxury Speculative Home

I can tell from the materials you use, and your attention to detail that your house far exceeds the quality I see in other new homes.
Chuck was so nice and kind to me during the construction of the home. He helped me out with some of my own home improvements.


- Bethesda Neighbor

We had some truly unique design considerations and Chuck accommodated all of them.
We needed a separate living area for our in-laws to live with us and a third area for
the caretaker. It was almost like three homes in one. The people living in the home are
multi-cultural which also impacted our needs. And all of the spaces were fitted for emergency
back-up power, separate security zones, and individual amenities that included cooking,
sleeping and living areas, as well as separate outdoor spaces like decks and patios.
Chuck was able to save almost all of our existing landscaping in the front and rear of
our property. In addition we wanted to blend in with the neighborhood so we designed an
Arts and Crafts exterior but the inside was full of the contemporary touches that we really liked.
It was an excellent collaboration with Chuck’s team.


Florence and Samir Shah, Bethesda Custom Clients (August 2016)
Winner of Custom Home Builder Award of Excellence 2017
Luxury Custom Home



Although we grew up in this area, we were moving back from California. We knew we wanted
a large yard and a high quality home. We toured all the available homes for sale and it was clear
that the home we selected was far and away the most beautiful for the best deal. We made an
offer and are fortunate to have beaten other offers in the wings; this house sold in less than
five weeks in the winter.

The flow of the home is especially convenient and comfortable with the functional second
staircase from the kitchen to the second floor; we always have options to go to different rooms.
It’s a circular flow rather than a series of dead ends. Chuck obviously thought this through.
In addition there are incredible site lines through the many windows and glass door panels that
make the house feel even bigger than it is. Every room has something unique to make it stand out and not be a cookie cutter home.

We love our new home and look forward to many years of enjoyment with our family. We were pleased (but not surprised) that our home won the Custom Home Builder’s Award of Excellence.


Kevin and Yana Jakel (June 2015)
Winner of Custom Home Builder Award of Excellence 2015 
Luxury Speculative Home

We live next door to the house in Bradley Hills. We were amazed at how efficient the construction process went especially when compared with other builders. The site was always neat and safe, and Chuck made sure the parking was managed properly. We had no idea a new home could be completed so quickly and with such attention to detail. We were not inconvenienced at all during construction and we thanked Chuck for his consideration.

- Bethesda Neighbor

We had looked at several homes in the area but could not find exactly what we wanted for our
family. Fortunately we found out about a new Chuck Sullivan Home for sale that had recently
come on the market. The design was not only thoughtful, it was spectacular with numerous
special details that separated out this house from the pack. The kitchen was filled with natural
light and upgraded appliances. The owner’s suite included extra-large closets and a white
designer bathroom with beautiful tiles, a spacious shower, and a Jacuzzi tub. The attic space
was cozy and the basement is absolutely huge. This house has over 6,500 finished square feet,
more than enough for our family.

During the settlement process, Chuck was very patient and helpful addressing our issues with
our previous condo Board. We made it through everything without a hitch. Then on the day of settlement, the government shutdown threatened to prevent us from taking title. With our moving van outside, we all sat around a table and calmly worked it out to everyone’s satisfaction. 
We truly appreciate the quality of the home, the design vision, and Chuck’s flexibility during the settlement process. We love our new home.


Josh and Christina Treadwell  (January 2014) 
Winner of Custom Home Builder Award of Excellence 2014
Luxury Speculative Home

We conducted a thorough analysis of different builders and their different business styles.
Here are the primary components that went into our decision to hire Chuck Sullivan Homes.


QUALITY: We felt like all the builders we considered could build a nice home in a reasonable
amount of time. It is hard for us as consumers to really know the difference in "quality" with
the limited amount of construction knowledge we have. In other words, I would imagine builders
could find ways to cut corners if they want, and the consumer may not ever know or not become
aware for years. We feel Chuck Sullivan Homes is both ethical and reputable.


PRICE: It is hard for one building a custom home to know the exact amount of money that is
getting paid to the builder and compare apples to apples. Chuck Sullivan Homes offers a flat fee.
They negotiate with sub- contractors and submit us bills with no builder increase in their fees. We like this way of doing business.


BUSINESS METHODS: This was really the decision maker. We felt like due to the smaller scale of CSH's business structure, the owner, Chuck, would be able to have greater oversight of the construction of the home. Thus, he will personally and daily keep an eye on all work done. In addition, we would directly communicate with him about all matters. We thought that since building a home is an expensive, time consuming, and multiple decision making process, this level of attention would better suit us. In addition, since unexpected problems and events will inevitably occur, we like the direct contact with the owner/builder to get things resolved. The less corporate structure and middlemen involved, the easier the chain of communication and getting things resolved.


David and Michelle Kaufman, Bethesda Custom Clients (October 2012)
Winner of Custom Home Builder Award of Excellence 2013 
Luxury Traditional Custom Home

We live next door to one of Chuck’s custom homes. Our basement had flooding issues for years. Chuck met with us and came up with a plan to solve our drainage problems. Chuck was very knowledgeable about how to direct water so that not only did he create a flat yard for his client, he solved our flooding problems as well.

- Bethesda neighbor

Our architect referred us to Chuck Sullivan Homes. During our interview, Chuck was able to
give us a tour of one of his custom homes. We could see the thought that went into every detail
of the home. With three young children, we don't always have time to stress about every detail,
so we decided to surround ourselves with smart professional people as we designed our custom
home. Chuck was the perfect fit because he looks out for us with every decision.


Within a day of hiring CSH, they provided our architect with all the information needed to begin
their design. CSH also quickly found us a reasonably priced engineer. This was a great kickoff
of our project as Chuck became involved immediately to get things moving.


CSH was able to work with our Lender so that the approval and funding process was smooth.
In addition we learned of some important tax deductions that made our new home much more affordable.


From design through construction, Chuck made himself available at our convenience to avoid delays and additional costs.
It's comforting to be assured that CSH is always looking out for our interests.


Paresh and Dina Patel, Bethesda Custom Clients (February 2012) 
Winner of Custom Home Builder Award of Excellence 2012 
Luxury Transitional Custom Home

The house next door had been vacant for seven years. The landscaping was over-grown and the house was falling apart. We were relieved to see the Chuck Sullivan Home sign go up because we had seen some of his other homes in our neighborhood. We quickly got to know Chuck as we watched the old house go down and the brand new house go up. What an improvement!


- Bethesda Neighbor

We could have chosen any one of a number of well qualified custom home builders when we
decided to build a new home in Chevy Chase. We chose Chuck Sullivan Homes and could not be
more pleased with our decision. The hallmark of Chuck Sullivan Homes is Chuck's personal
attention to every detail and aspect of the process. He helped us find a lot to build on in
Chevy Chase. He was involved in the design process. He investigated numerous specialty
features we were considering, including geo-thermal heating and cooling, re-circulating hot water,
an elevator, Brazilian Cumaru hardwood flooring, led lighting, central vacuum, and more.
Collectively we made sound decisions on which features made sense to include in the final design.
The end result is a spectacular home.

When you have Chuck Sullivan build your home you will be amazed at how closely he follows
every step of the process. He is there every day. Building a new home in an existing neighborhood is very disruptive to the existing residents. Because of Chuck's personal involvement and presence, we never received a single complaint from any of our neighbors, indeed we received compliments on the orderly and meticulous fashion our house was built. Construction of our new home started in November, 2009. We survived the record snow events that winter (yes, snowmaggedon). Yet, despite those challenges we only lost two days work due to the record snowfall. Even more incredible, while the snow hit before the roof was shingled, we did not have a single leak. That's quality construction and attention to detail. That is what you get when Chuck Sullivan builds your new home.

We love our new home and neighborhood. It lives just the way we imagined it would. It was built on time and on budget. You won't go wrong if you have Chuck Sullivan Homes build your dream home.


Steve and Patti Eckert, Chevy Chase Custom Clients (June 2011)
Winner of Custom Home Builder Award of Excellence 2011 
Luxury Traditional Custom Home


The house simply looks like it has been there forever. If you didn't know it was an entirely new home you would think it was a renovation. The use of stucco and stone blends perfectly with our neighborhood, and by saving so many trees, the house fits in perfectly.

- Chevy Chase neighbor



We had been looking for the perfect house to call "home" for almost a year when we found an
amazing property. The next thing we needed to do was to find a builder who we could work
with from the very beginning to build our "perfect, custom" home. This is when we found
Chuck Sullivan Homes and our outstanding, working relationship began. We could count on
Chuck for everything – he is polite, detail oriented, cost efficient, and establishes great
relationships with his subcontractors and neighbors. Most of all, Chuck was extremely patient
and understanding with us. What we found that set Chuck apart from the other builders was
that he truly listened to what we wanted and then made sure that what we wanted was what
we got.

From the beginning, we explained to Chuck that we wanted to be very hands-on but not so hands-on where we slowed down the process. Chuck was able to establish the perfect balance between involvement and making executive decisions to keep up the pace of the project. We felt that we could always rely on Chuck for an honest, cost-effective solution. He did an amazing job of providing status as to where we were with our budget and how making one change (or multiple changes) impacted our budget. If we did run into an issue, we knew that Chuck would hold himself accountable until it was resolved. We also felt that Chuck truly was looking out for our best interest and wanted the house to be as perfect for us as possible. Chuck was able to advise us as to where it was best to spend our money so that the money would go as far as possible.

It has been six months since we moved in and we could not be happier. When we drive up to our house, we both think how lucky we are and that we have the best house ever!


Shara and Eric Rich, Bethesda Custom Clients (May 2011)
Winner of Custom Home Builder Award of Excellence 2011 
Luxury Traditional Custom Home



Once construction started the house went up fast! Every side of the house has an interesting feature. And during the entire time everything was kept clean and safe. These are the things that concern us neighbors.

- Bethesda Neighbor



We love our community but our house built in the 1940's was simply too small for our growing
family. We spent well over a year debating whether we should add a second story addition or
build a new house. During that time we met Chuck Sullivan when he was building a house
down the street. Chuck came by and offered his input on our design options. Because of his
advice we avoided designing a house that would not have fit our lifestyle. Chuck Sullivan Homes
prepared a budget based on our description of our dream house and helped us make our decision
to go forward with a new house - we never looked back.

Chuck's input was extremely important as we could have made some serious design mistakes
we would have regretted. We worked with two architects and two decorators to create a beautiful
custom home suited exactly for the needs of our family and social activities. During the course of the project we added private bathrooms for our children, a steam shower for us, a 7-zone music system, heated tile floor, an intercom, security system, custom paint colors, and special lighting. We also added several energy efficient features that will pay for themselves. Just as important were the options we considered but after learning more from Chuck about the pros and cons we decided not to include them. Chuck was particularly careful to remind us of the cost implications of our decisions which helped us to stay within our budget.

We were so thankful we hired Chuck Sullivan Homes we treated Chuck to a night out. He worked hard for us and we love our new home. We would not hesitate to recommend Chuck Sullivan Homes!


Laura and John Petersen, Bethesda Custom Clients (January 2010) 
Winner of Custom Home Builder Award of Excellence 2010 
Luxury Transitional Custom Home



We met Chuck Sullivan because he was there every day. We are grateful that he helped us by improving our yard and installing a new driveway that improved our property value too. Chuck also recommended subcontractors who performed some work on our house though he made no money on the deal. He did not have to help us, but he did.

- Bethesda Neighbor



We spent almost a year looking for a new home in Bethesda during a down economy in 2008
and the competition for sales was fierce. When I first met Chuck Sullivan I asked him,
"Why is your price so reasonable?" He responded that he wanted to beat his competition in
every category: design, location, yard, and price. We responded by buying his new home.

We have the characteristics of a much more expensive home due to the thoughtful design.
Our kitchen is beautiful with furniture-style details. The tile selections and interior trim are
gorgeous. The exterior of our home is really interesting through the use of different
complimentary materials. Just as important, our independent inspection confirmed that this
house was built rock solid.


After comparing our new home to dozens of others on the market, we are convinced we made the right decision, got a great value, and will enjoy living here for years to come.


Eugene and Elizabeth Dimitrov, Bethesda Homeowners (September 2009) 
Winner of Custom Home Builder Award of Excellence 2009 
Luxury Traditional Speculative Home



I met Chuck Sullivan when he was considering buying the property next door to build a new house. We talked for a while about the neighborhood. Chuck knew all about the history because he grew up in Bethesda. We discussed the schools and raising children. After only meeting him for 20 minutes I told him he was the perfect person to build this house. During construction we continued to have our sidewalk chats and I believe he truly cared about keeping me happy.

– Original Bethesda Neighbor



"You better allow an extra 3 months to have your house built." I heard that one a lot.
"Construction always goes 10-20% over budget." I heard that one a lot, too. "All builders
build way too many houses at one time, so you never hear from them." Yes, I heard that a
bunch of times, too. All I can say to those people is that THEY should have hired Chuck Sullivan
Homes to build their custom home. That is why I am already living in my wonderful new custom
home, while others are still in the middle of their construction.


Chuck Sullivan is in a class by himself when it comes to custom home builders in the
Bethesda/Chevy Chase area. I was so impressed by the organization and commitment to my
project from the start. He walked me thru every detail (big and small) of our house, making the
decision making process fast and easy. Everything was handled by Chuck personally;
from obtaining permits, to dealing with the County inspectors, and communicating with the architect and subcontractors. His advice with construction costs and building material recycling programs saved us money. It is clear that Chuck takes tremendous pride in his craft.


Oh, and by the way; to give you the answers to the concerns at the beginning of this testimonial: Our house was completed 6 weeks AHEAD of schedule. Our house was completed at a cost 5% UNDER budget, and Chuck returned all of my calls the same day. That is yet another benefit of choosing Chuck Sullivan Homes; they only build a few homes at a time. Thus, your home gets 100% of their attention, and it shows in the final product. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Chuck Sullivan provides the best value possible in custom home building.


Eric & Alicia Markowitz, Bethesda Custom Clients (February 2008)
Winner of Custom Home Builder Award of Excellence 2008 
Luxury Traditional Custom Home



I was simply amazed at the speed of construction. It was exciting to watch how much progress was made each day. Chuck Sullivan Homes employed very professional subcontractors who worked diligently to complete the project in record breaking time. As I watched the workers they all checked and double-checked their workmanship which resulted in noticeable quality. In what seemed like the blink of an eye, the new house was completed and our neighbors moved back in. Now it seems like the house has been here forever.

- Bethesda Neighbor

Chuck Sullivan provided me with his personal cell phone number in the event I had any concerns. In addition he installed a sign which allowed everyone reliable contact information. Throughout construction we received immediate response to all of our inquiries.

- Bethesda Neighbor

Now we know that building a home does not have to be an unpleasant experience. After
considering several builders, we hired Chuck Sullivan Homes to build our custom home and
it was the best decision we made. No other builder was able to offer us the expertise, guidance
and construction management skills that seamlessly moved us from design to move in. Not a day
goes by that we don't comment on the quality and beauty of our new home.


Your construction management skills are truly impressive. You cared more about the final results
and the fine details than we did most days. Our favorite part was at the end of the project when
we were walking through the house just before moving in. You told us how awkward it would be
not to drive to our house every day since you had been here every day during construction. You said
you had begun to think of our home as your own during building. We know this is true because it shows in every detail of the home.
There were no corners cut.


At our request you also implemented design changes and suggested some construction techniques that protected the trees in our yard and our neighbor's trees without causing any delay in the completion of our house. Saving these trees increased the value of our home and created a serene private outdoor setting. You built our family a home that you would have built for your family. Thank you very much Chuck for your hard work, perseverance, attention to detail, dedication and love of building homes! Should anyone require a reference please have them contact us.


Chris and Megan Kelley, Bethesda Custom Clients (July 2007)
Winner of Custom Home Builder Award of Excellence 2008 
Luxury Transitional Custom Home



I especially want to thank you for trimming our trees to avoid damage to our mutual properties. Some of our trees were dangerously overhanging both homes and therefore subject to storm damage. You recognized this danger and acted quickly. Your prompt response in addressing this issue prevented any damage from occurring.

- Bethesda Neighbor

We have lived in the area for several years and wanted to purchase a home that better reflected
our personal lifestyle. We conducted thorough research of our options, including touring many
homes, and after careful consideration we selected a new home built by Chuck Sullivan Homes.
By your attention to finish details, solid construction, and faithfulness to an architectural style,
you created a beautiful unique home.


Prior to our home purchase, we hired an independent consultant to verify the quality of
construction. We understood that we selected one of the most experienced and thorough
inspectors in the Washington, DC area. Our inspector verified our high opinion of the
construction of every facet of the house, stating, "Sometimes I'm lucky and get a quality house."


Unlike so many of the builders in the area, we appreciate that you were able to save several
large trees in our yard; your experience with careful site planning paid off. Now we own a beautiful new home that is architecturally compatible with our neighbors' homes and includes a lush landscaped yard. Being so close to the Potomac water basin, it was important to us to maintain as much of the natural foliage as possible.


Several neighbors have complimented the folks from Chuck Sullivan Homes on your people skills and on your excellent responsiveness to issues that arise from the construction of a new home. Having had a markedly different experience with another builder I can tell you that it makes a world of difference in terms of how neighbors react to the new family on the block when the builders have been so professional in the months leading up to the move-in. We would be more than happy to be a reference for future clients.


Kurt and Donna Calia, Cabin John Homeowners (December 2006) 
Winner of Custom Home Builder Award of Excellence 2007 
Luxury Contemporary Speculative Home



During construction you were considerate in managing parking so that we would not be inconvenienced. I especially applaud the design of your architecture so that it was compatible with the surrounding homes. We appreciate involving us in designing the landscaping and fencing between our properties to achieve a graceful transition.

- Cabin John Neighbor

We purchased a Chuck Sullivan Home from the original owner in the spring of 2007. We love
the design of the house and appreciate the attention to detail – especially the hand-made stair
railings (naturally lit by a big skylight), dramatic windows, and the tri-view fireplace. It is
obvious a great deal of thought went into the selection of the tile, oak flooring, and cherry
kitchen cabinets. The owner's suite has high ceilings, custom trim, separate closets, and a
uxurious bathroom with a large whirlpool tub and huge shower.


Although we are not the original owners who purchased the home, Chuck Sullivan Homes
continues to provide excellent warranty service. This house went through an original home
inspection and a second home inspection. These detailed professional inspections verify that
Chuck Sullivan Homes builds a solid and maintenance-free home. We would be more than
pleased to serve as a client reference.


Dan and Rebecca Farrington, Bethesda Homeowners  (December 2007) 
Winner of Custom Home Builder Award of Excellence 2007 
Luxury Transitional Speculative Home



We appreciate the design elements you included to help your new home fit within the community, such as building a detached garage and increasing the minimum side yard setbacks to create more space between the houses.

- Bethesda Neighbor

It has been a pleasure being one of your homeowners. The house you designed is both practical
and innovative. We enjoy the combined dining room / living room which have allowed us to use
this flexible space in accordance with our needs. The placement of the niches, fireplaces, and
built-in spaces provide great opportunities for interior design. Every room has a unique quality
to it. We have had fun decorating our home and your design was inspiring.


The quality of construction is excellent. From the custom trim to the extraordinary stair railing,
the house includes details of craftsmanship not often seen in this price range. We appreciate the
solid and beautiful workmanship exhibited throughout the house.


Good luck with your business. From settlement through warranty, Chuck Sullivan Homes
has proven to be a high-quality builder. Should you ever need a reference, please feel free
to provide a copy of this letter.


Ellen McCabe, Bethesda Homeowner (July 2006) 
Winner of Custom Home Builder Award of Excellence 2007 
Luxury Transitional Speculative Home

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